11 iulie 2010

july , the month of love

To love and to be loved?

It’s like I’m knocked down again. Down down ? ‘cause I feel like I’m high .
Dumb smile, feeling the need to cook, to clean , to laugh without reason till my tears come out .
It’s not a game anymore , can’t take it further anymore . love , love such a silly game we play… but your eyes, your smile and laugh , the way you call my name, the sound of the phone in the night . the incredible need to have you, to touch you , to kiss every little part of your body , oh goood . The consuming, can’t live without each other love is happening.
HIGH it’s the key word . your face in my mind . it’s crazy baby . it’s crazy when we meet. We make crazy happen . Nobody’s better for me than you , nobody ever made me find myself  and made me realise what I really want . I know what I want  and it’s just because of you . Waiting it’s painful but the thought that we’ll be together in a month for some days , makes me wanna fly .
It’s official , I’m madly deeply fallen in love with you boy . so please , don’t break my heart , or at least let me do it first :)

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