26 februarie 2010

"If you were here, I keep thinking, we would spend the time in talk and drink and smoke and I should be laughing a lot of the time, and I should be enjoying myself a lot of the time.”


 Kingsley Amis

3 in 2 only for us

You made my day! :)

22 februarie 2010

Thank you!!

I surely couldn't ask for more,you girls are the best! Thank you for everything and hope that from now on ,I'll enjoy every day and try to feel good about myself as much as possible ! WE ROCK! :D

20 februarie 2010

My birthday baaaaby!

Soooooooooooooooooo, my birthday will be tomorrow but I'm going to start from today . 
My girl friends and I will celebrate my birthday in Brasov,in our apartament and I hope that it will be the best birthday ever.
I'm turning 20 and I'm kind of sad because I'm getting old ,hihi, joking :)) . Pretty excitated about everything in these 2-3 days because will definitely party all night looong and all day long :D . See you in some days and till then , STREET CHIC baby :) 
too cute this dress :)


19 februarie 2010

feels like spring

And about that smile, it was because of the sun :))

18 februarie 2010


They have become so popular nowadays that you can wear them in so many ways . Tights are also practical in every season , maybe less in summer but they still can be worn on a stormy ,windy night.
They can be colored, black or even white , leather tights or normal ones.
So,as I said ,there are some combinations of clothing where you can add the tights :

1.    You can wear them with a long shirt ,leather jacket and converse shoes .
2.    If you have a “girl’s night out” and the destination is a club , you should definitely combine the tights with a blazing silver dress (or any colour you like ) + high heels and of course accessories .
3.    You can always wear them with short pants , t-shirt , boots and leather jacket.
4.    If you are planning to go more casual , you can combine the tights with a shirt/dress/skirt , a belt and some gladiator sandals .

As you can see there are so many possibilities to wear them and the good part is that they match with everything , only if you do it with taste :) .
I’ve seen that many women choose to wear them as pants which I disagree because tights were made to depend on another clothing and not to be used as pants ( celebrities tend to do this , with the leather ones which by the way don’t look that bad –Rihanna )

hihi,my first article


Is it possible that I've reached a certain point where I can't stay and do nothing , always hoping that something will pop up ,that an ocassion will arise and I'll be able to fulfill my dreams .
Isn't ambition and hard wok enough to achieve something?Is it always about  the need of good luck?
Take me away-Lifehouse
I don't design clothes, I design dreams.
Ralph Lauren

16 februarie 2010

So many changes in the last few years .. So many moments , these are jjust a preview ,they are too many :P . I love to look back and see the changes ;too bad that I do not have pictures from 2006,2005 and so on,it would have been fun :)