18 februarie 2010


They have become so popular nowadays that you can wear them in so many ways . Tights are also practical in every season , maybe less in summer but they still can be worn on a stormy ,windy night.
They can be colored, black or even white , leather tights or normal ones.
So,as I said ,there are some combinations of clothing where you can add the tights :

1.    You can wear them with a long shirt ,leather jacket and converse shoes .
2.    If you have a “girl’s night out” and the destination is a club , you should definitely combine the tights with a blazing silver dress (or any colour you like ) + high heels and of course accessories .
3.    You can always wear them with short pants , t-shirt , boots and leather jacket.
4.    If you are planning to go more casual , you can combine the tights with a shirt/dress/skirt , a belt and some gladiator sandals .

As you can see there are so many possibilities to wear them and the good part is that they match with everything , only if you do it with taste :) .
I’ve seen that many women choose to wear them as pants which I disagree because tights were made to depend on another clothing and not to be used as pants ( celebrities tend to do this , with the leather ones which by the way don’t look that bad –Rihanna )

hihi,my first article

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