5 aprilie 2010

Does age really matter?

Every  now and then , I ask  friends or colleagues if age is an important issue when it comes to relationships. Some say yes ,some say no. Recently, I've been flirting with a guy who is younger than me and for curiousity I asked him too.
"Do you think that age is important when it comes to relationships ?"
And he said " As far as I'm Of course I wouldn't date a 13 year-old-girl but if she had 23 that wouldn't be a problem because we both know how a relation works "
"Good answer" I thought , but it's really true ? Maybe he's an exception ..and even though he's almost 19 , thinks and acts like one of 24 . maybe not .
I guess age has nothing to do with it , of course you can't date a 15 year- old- boy when you are 20 ; it's all about experience , level of maturity and open-mindedness . And what you really want, you and him,it's only about the Two people involved .  And also about the right timing.

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